Summer is here and so is the heat. I’m not complaining. I love it! The only thing I’m whining about is being imprisoned in an office. That’s what it feels like. I did something bold a couple of weeks ago – I turned in my resignation! It felt really great, cause I’ve been frustrated for a while now. This is so not what I want to do and I need to find something that is more in line with me (not to mention a job that doesn’t involve commuting for 3 hours a day!). However, I have a feeling that in order to find my dream job, I’m going to have to create it for myself. What I do know is that I’m passionate about Raw Food, food and health. I just need to figure things out a bit more.

Staying more or less Raw has never been easier than now. It’s so hot right that I can’t even imagine eating a cooked meal. All my body seems to crave is fruit and salads, so that’s what I’m feeding myself. I just had about a kilo watermelon for lunch, lol. I usually eat something with a bit more substance (not to mention more fat), but it was perfectly satisfying and I didn’t make a lunch box to bring to work. I normally go out for lunch with my colleagues, but since everyone is on their vacation, I’m almost alone in the office.

Last night I experimented in the kitchen, trying to come up with a delicous Raw ice”cream” recipe. I haven’t tasted the final result, but will do that as soon as I get home tonight. If I find it worth sharing, I’ll post the recipe here, along with a picture.

Time to focus on work again. In a few hours I will get to enjoy the sunshine, so I might go for a swim in the lake. 🙂