Well, I’m back from a weekend in southern Spain where I visited a friend that has a house there. Lucky me! Unfortunately three days pass way too fast! Since I am addicted to my greens and tend to fall off the wagon a bit with my mostly Raw eating, I made sure we took a trip to the grocery store the first morning. Look at the size of those romaine heads! They’re at least 4 times the size of a romaine head in Sweden and cost only a fraction. Was I happy or what! Well, judging from the picture I was. 🙂 I made green smoothies for the girls and huge salads.

Back in Stockholm it was cold and rainy. I was terrified that this meant the end of a wonderful summer and that from now on cold and darkness awaited me until next July. I immediately started considering different emigration plans. We’ll see what happens, but I think I’ll stick around for a while, though. Luckily I was wrong about the weather. Today was beautiful, but as usual I was stuck inside an office. To make matters worse, I had to close the blinds in order to see the computer screen.

Tonight I had dinner with a friend. On my way there I crossed Hötorget, an outside market place in central Stockholm. I passed just as they were closing up for the day and the venders get a bit carried away trying to get rid of the produce. All the berries where half price, so I got a carton each of blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.

I can’t wait to go up north to pick my own blueberries and wild raspberries. I’m already picturing my fridge filled with nothing but blueberries lol. Yes, I’m probably nuts. Until I get to go wild and crazy in the forests and pick all the berries I want for free, I’ll enjoy these babies in different shapes and forms, starting with a green smoothie tomorrow morning. Speaking of which, it’s time for this girl to hit the hay.