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It is sometimes argued that we should eat like monkeys, since we share at least 90 % DNA. Well, monkeys eat lots of leafy greens (something most of us need to eat more of), fruit and small animals! Well, researchers have noticed that chimps even make their own spears to hunt. Take a look at this video clip and see for yourself.


I spent a lovely few days in London over the weekend. After a couple of days of not so healthy (and not so Raw I’m afraid) eating, I was delighted to discover that there was a SAF restaurant in the foodcourt in Whole Foods. I decided to treat myself to a very expensive lunch, but boy was it worth it! I had Raw Pad Thai and every bite was heavenly! I also had a Green Monster juice (kale, celery and cucumber, I think). I could literally feel the energy coming back! After that I went loose in Whole Foods and almost bought a VitaMix before stopping myself. I realized that I really didn’t have room for it anyway. I did buy a bambu cutting board that I’m very happy with, though. Lots of chopping will happen soon! I also stocked up on superfoods, so I’ll be re-energized soon. Although I loved being in a huge city like London for a few days, it was nice to leave the pollution and traffic congestion. As soon as I left, I stopped sneezing!

Back at work I’m having a busy week. This week is honeydew melon week for me. We get fruit baskets a couple of times a week at work and for the past few weeks we’ve been getting a lot of melons in them. I seem to be the only one that likes them, so I eat them all. 🙂 Honeydew melons are packed with vitamin C and a great source of potassium, as well as vitamin B6 and folate.

Happy melon week to you all!

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